Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q. Aren't concrete earrings heavy?

A. No! A resin earring of a similar size is actually heavier than concrete. Concrete is a porous material and actually makes a perfect material for jewellery.

Q. Do you paint the concrete?

A. I don't. To get a variety of colours, I use a chemical compound that you add into the concrete mix. I like to let the natural texture and beauty of the concrete shine on its own.

Q. Do you add special sand into the concrete to make the pieces shine?

A. Normally I buy a concrete mix that has the aggregate already in it. Sometimes I have a few different ad-mixes that I will put in.

Q. How do you treat the concrete?

A. I use a special chemical to waterproof it and then I use either a wax or a varnish, depending on how shiny I was the piece to be!

Q. How did you get into this and figure out what to do?

A. A lot of experimenting! I saw some videos about using concrete for creating small home decor pieces, like ring cones, and thought I'd try creating even smaller pieces. It's just grown from there!

Q. Are you Canadian?

A. 100 per cent. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, concrete & calathea is all Canadian!

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